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Serviceing all areas of the Redlands and Brisbane Bayside:

Ormiston. Cleveland. Wellington Point. Birkdale. Alexandra Hills. Capalaba. Gumdale Thorneside. Victoria Point. Redland Bay. Manly West. Wynnum. Manly. Thornlands. Wakerly. Chandler. Camp Hill.. Carindale. Morningside. Bulimba. Wynnum West. Tinglapa

Musculoskeletal Therapy 

Musculoskeletal Therapy uses a range of physical screening and testing, manual therapy and exercise techniques to treat pain and dysfunction of muscular, neural or joint origin.

Muscle, joint and nerve pain can arise from work related posture or repetitive movements, Injury, chronic or acute, post surgical mismanagement, postnatal rehab mismanagement and even emotional and psychological stress.

Techniques used in a typical one hour treatment include:

Biomechanical assessment and orthopedic testing:

(looking for dysfunctional movement patterns or testing for acute injury)

Remedial Massage and Myotherapy

  • Myofascial release - Massage of muscles and myofascial (connective tissue)

  • Trigger point therapy - Treating active trigger points and associated referral patterns

  • Non manipulative joint mobilisation

  • Western and Eastern Cupping 

  • Orthopedic massage - Pre and post surgical

  • Lymphatic drainage - For oncology (lymphedema) or general health

  • Functional taping 

Thai Yoga Massage 

Stretch and pressure along organ meridians

Bowen Technique

Like chiropractic for your Fascia (connective tissue) tendons and motor reflex points (non-manipulative)

Myofascial Dry Needling

Western acupuncture for neuro/musculoskeletal treatment

Stretch & Yoga Therapy

  • Learn how to activate and co-activate muscles to produce a lengthened muscle using PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

  • Programmes available or let us stretch you.

  • Yoga based movement rehab and yoga based breath rehab - specialising in anxiety and depressive disorders

Pregnancy Massage or Induction

Relaxation swedish massage or strong meridian style massage to induce labor or move bub


We treat "Growing pains", Osgood schaltters, scoliosis and "millennial posture" (i.e. Pain from chronic Ipad, phone and computer use)

Experienced referral

 We wont keep treating you if your're not getting better, and will help you to find someone else who can help.

Your Musculoskeletal Therapist has almost 2 decades of clinical experience and may use one or more of these techniques during a treatment.

A typical initial consultation is 50 mins and a follow up is half an hour.